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Care For Autism:  A Journey of Love, Dedication, and Professional Excellence


Care For Autism (CFA) is not just a centre for autism treatment; it’s a testament to the enduring love of a mother and the unwavering commitment of a family. The journey of CFA began with the heartfelt wish of Late Mrs. Nidhi Behal, who envisioned a comprehensive treatment facility for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) under one roof. Her dream was to create a space where children like her son, Sayyam, could receive all the necessary interventions and support to live fulfilling lives.


The Genesis of a Dream

Nidhi Behal was a devoted mother who faced the challenges of raising a child with autism. She experienced firsthand the struggles of finding adequate and comprehensive services for Sayyam. Diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer, Nidhi knew her time was limited, but instead of despairing, she channeled her energy into creating a legacy that would outlive her – a centre that would cater to all the needs of children with special needs.


Before her passing, Nidhi laid the foundation stone of CFA on August 5, 2020, in Jalandhar, Punjab. However, as her health deteriorated, it became evident that someone needed to carry her vision forward.


The Torchbearer: Raghu Behal

Raghu Behal, Nidhi’s husband, took it upon himself to fulfill her dream. Motivated by his wife’s vision and his love for his son, Raghu dived into the project with dedication and passion. He understood the critical need for a comprehensive facility that could offer all necessary therapies and support under one roof. His commitment to delivering the best for every child with special needs became the driving force behind CFA.


Raghu’s journey was not easy. Balancing the emotional toll of losing his beloved wife with the responsibility of raising their son, Sayyam, he demonstrated immense resilience and determination. Raghu’s experience in managing his business activities provided him with the skills needed to succeed and grow CFA effectively. He was relentless in his pursuit of excellence, ensuring that the centre would meet the highest standards of care.


Raghu’s leadership has been instrumental in building CFA into what it is today. His hands-on approach and personal investment in every aspect of the centre have ensured that Nidhi’s dream was not only realized but also expanded. Under his guidance, CFA has grown into a reputable institution known for its high-quality services and compassionate care.


The Professional Backbone: Dr. Atul Madaan

As the vision for CFA began to take shape, the need for a highly qualified professional team became apparent. This is where Dr. Atul Madaan, a licensed clinical psychologist, came into the picture. With his expertise and extensive experience in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders, Dr. Madaan became the operational head of CFA. His clinical acumen and dedication to providing individualized care have been instrumental in making CFA a centre of excellence.


Dr. Atul Madaan brings over his experience in clinical psychology and his approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring that each child receives the most effective and personalized interventions. Dr. Madaan’s leadership and vision have been crucial in establishing the high standards of care that CFA is known for today.


Expansion to Ludhiana

After the successful establishment of the Jalandhar centre, the need for expanding CFA’s reach became evident. With the increasing demand for quality autism care, CFA opened a new centre in Ludhiana. This expansion was driven by the same commitment to providing comprehensive services and ensuring accessibility for more families in need. The Ludhiana centre mirrors the Jalandhar facility in its dedication to excellence and comprehensive care.


Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

Care For Autism prides itself on offering a wide range of services delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals. Some of the key services provided include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy, Special Education, Parental Training, and comprehensive psychological services including psychometric assessments and psychoeducation.


CFA has always envisioned empowering parents to think and act as special educators, making parental training programs a cornerstone of its services. This ensures that children receive consistent and informed care both at the centre and at home.


Both the Jalandhar and Ludhiana centres are equipped with a full-fledged team of qualified professionals, making CFA the only centre in the region with such an extensive team of rehabilitation experts. This ensures that children receive the highest standard of care and access to all necessary therapies under one roof.


A Vision for the Future

In conclusion, Care For Autism is a shining example of what can be achieved through love, dedication, and professional excellence. It stands as a beacon of hope for families navigating the challenges of autism, offering them the support and services they need to help their children thrive. Autism doctor in ludhiana, autism center in ludhiana, autism doctor.


Other Details:

Dr. Atul Madaan (Autism Specialist)

MAAP, MBA, MPhil (Clin. Psy), PhD (Psy)

Operational Head & Clinical Psychologist- Care For Autism (CFA)

Call now – +918383849217,+919779725400

URL: www.autismspecialist.co.in




One-of-a-Kind Assessment & Remedial Training Centres for Special-needs Children.

📌 Ludhiana : 114, Green Field, Kochar Market Road, Near National Lab,+919646443200

📌 Jalandhar : Hoshiarpur Road, Mubarkpur Shekhein Under Bridge, Near Railway Crossing, +919779725400

Care For Autism (CFA) in Ludhiana, led by Dr. Atul Madaan, a renowned Child Psychologist and Autism Specialist, offers comprehensive services as a leading Autism Center and Child Doctor in Ludhiana. CFA provides vital therapies including ABA, OT, Speech Therapy, and Special Education, ensuring holistic care under one roof. With a team of expert ABA Therapists and Psychologists, CFA emphasizes parental training for consistent home support. Dedicated to excellence, CFA stands as a beacon for families seeking specialized autism care in Ludhiana, offering hope and professional support through its comprehensive programs and compassionate approach.


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