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GUVI celebrates 10 years of dedication, innovation and excellence


July 01, 2024, India – GUVI, an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated ed-tech platform is announcing its 10th anniversary on June 29, driven by dedication, innovation, and excellence. The prominent ed-tech firm, also a Guinness World Record holder, has been a pioneering presence in India in promoting vernacular language-driven technology courses in the past decade while offering progressive tech education to an extensive range of linguistic communities in 18+ Indian states.

GUVI is a comprehensive vernacular platform offering self-paced courses to millions of students through live classes and interactive tools such as CodeKata and WebKata. Since the firm’s inception in 2014, GUVI has dedicated itself to ensuring state-of-the-art technical education accessible to a broader audience, serving over 3 Million learners in the last decade. GUVI has also registered a meteoric growth in the last decade, achieving a valuation of INR 120 crore in 2022, translating to a CAGR of 59.8%.

Looking back at the initial years, Mr. Arun Prakash, Founder & CEO of GUVI, shared his take on the journey, “Our objective was to make cutting-edge technological education accessible to diverse socio-economic communities. Our vernacular-first approach aims to bridge the skill gap of lakhs of Indian youth and ensure they are able to join the workforce. This thought process has also been replicated in how we operate internally, ensuring a prejudice-free workspace that boasts over 40% of women, including in leadership roles. We are looking to take our innovation to the next stage in the upcoming years, and extend GUVI’s footprint globally.”

Its aspirations have also been reflected in the generation of jobs — from employing less than 100 individuals in 2020 to establishing a team of 800+ specialists in 2024. These specialists have been critical to strategically driving GUVI’s growth in tier-2 and tier-3 Indian cities, and rural regions. Strategic expansion plans are already in the pipeline, driven by innovation and originality, as GUVI looks to increase its footprint not only in India but across continents. Key markets in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe have been identified by its specialists, and innovative course modules are in the developmental phase. 

As an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated ed-tech platform, GUVI has benefitted extremely through its efficient partnership with premier educational institutions in India. Strategic inputs from the IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad helped the company navigate initial challenges and funding rounds, which led to the initiation of cutting-edge courses, infrastructure, and practices. Presently, GUVI offers diverse courses on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, DevOps, Java Automation Testing, Business Analytics, Motion Graphics, Data Science, Python, Node.js, and other trending skills. Coupled with its diverse range of courses, GUVI’s CEO, Mr. Arun Prakash continues assisting young learners with coding fundamentals and motivational speeches on social media platforms, acting as an enabler of technology education in India and aligning himself with the long-term vision of GUVI.

About GUVI (https://www.guvi.in/):

GUVI is an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated Ed-tech platform founded by Mr Arun Prakash, that is dedicated to offering coding and technical education in several vernacular languages. In its transition from a YouTube channel to an INR 120-crore worth company (as of 2022), the firm has kept its unwavering support intact to make high-quality technical education accessible to a broader audience. In addition to offering technical courses in native languages that remove linguistic impediments, GUVI offers users a comprehensive platform with self-paced courses, live classes, and interactive tools like Codekata and Webkata.

The firm’s relentless pursuit of excellence has been recognized at the national level, with GUVI being awarded the prestigious ‘Most Trusted Vernacular Edtech’ Award and ZEE National Achievers Awards 2022 by ZEE Digital. Apart from IITs and IIMs, the company also collaborates with the Tamil Nadu Government to organize hackathons with 82,000+ students to empower the next generation. It also undertakes additional initiatives with educational institutions, such as the Tamil Nadu Coders Premier League, in collaboration with the Naan Mudhalvan-Anna University that is aimed at empowering the youth of the state with essential IT skills and promoting innovation. The firm’s AI-for-India initiative in 2021 also set a Guinness World Record holder for most users taking an online computer programming lesson in 24 Hrs. The firm also launched an AI-for-India 2.0 initiative focusing on college students, freshly graduated & early professionals(as a part of Youth of India). The program was launched by the Union Education Minister of India, Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan, on 15 July 2023, the World Youth Skills Day. 


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